1 known about and talked about by many people in many places: a famous actor
(+ for): France is famous for its wine. (+ as): Virginia is famous as the birthplace of several US presidents. | world-famous (=famous all over the world): Da Vinci's world-famous portrait of the Mona Lisa. | the rich and famous: a nightclub in LA that caters for the rich and famous
2 spoken (only before noun) used about someone or something who you have heard about but have never met: Ah, so this is the famous Jill.
3 famous last words spoken used when someone has said too confidently that they can do something or that something will happen: “Even I can't get lost around there.” “Famous last words.”
4 old-fashioned very good; excellent
USAGE NOTE : FAMOUS WORD CHOICE: famous, well-known, distinguished, eminent, renowned, notorious, infamous Well-known is like famous, but if someone is well-known, it is often with a particular group of people, or for a particular skill, achievement etc: She's very well-known in the literary world. If you are famous, most people have heard of you, and know who you are: That big house in Malibu belongs to a famous movie star. Distinguished and eminent are used especially of people who are famous for serious work in science, the arts etc: a distinguished writer | an eminent surgeon. Places or people are renowned for a particular quality, characteristic, or skill: Florence is renowned for its beautiful buildings. | the renowned cellist, Jacqueline Du Pre. If someone is notorious they are famous for something bad: the notorious gangster Marco Fellini | Many politicians are notorious hypocrites. Infamous is like notorious but slightly literary, and is often used about people, places, and events in the past or when they are a long way away: The infamous Bastille prison.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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